Mr. Tadashi Ezaki

1. Name 

Mr. Tadashi Ezaki

2. Position

Full-time lecturer

3. Workplace

Japanese Section, Department of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science

4. Academic Background

MA in Applied Linguistics at Cardiff University in 2011
Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language from the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate in 2005
BA in English Language at Kanda University of International Studies in 1998

5. Interests

  • The effects of using portfolio in a Japanese writing class from learners’ autonomy perspective

  • Relationship between the methods in Finnish education and logical thinking in foreign language education

  • Foreign language teachers’ motivation to teach

6. Courses

Japanese Conversation, Japanese Essay Writing, Advanced Japanese, Intermediate Japanese, Elementary Japanese

7. Research/Thesis

Conference presentation

“A teaching approach adopted by Cardiff University and the effectiveness and problems - from a research of the use of grammar points by elementary level learners” (in Japanese)  at The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a foreign Language (BATJ) 9th Annual Conference 2006, Royal Holloway, University of London

“Causes and Effective of Motivation and Demotivation in English Language Teachers; a comparative case study approach” at The joint conference of the Council of Japanese Language Teaching and the Council of Anglo-Japanese Education and Culture, University of Greenwich, London in 2011


“A Comparison of Causes of Stress and Coping Strategies in Native Speaker Teachers of Japanese and English in the UK” (MA thesis)

8. Message

Please enjoy learning foreign languages, culture and cross-cultural communication in order to broaden your horizons and enjoy your life.